Hülsta Contemporary Office Furniture

The Hülsta office collection is known for its straightforwardness, simplicity, innovation and its focus on practical features. With multiple table configurations and the extendable table concept, these office setups can be easily tailored to your specific needs. Hülsta offices have a clear design, with many practical features and a high level of workmanship.

Process Cheeky Boxes Modular Shelving Unit

Cheeky Boxes are stylish and fun contemporary wooden modular shelving units by Lucie Koldová of Process. They can be stacked any way you like to create your very own unique patterns and set up. The individual boxes can be arranged in almost any shape you wish and are suitable for almost any room you choose. If you get tired of a particular setup or have different storage needs all you have to do is move around those Cheeky Boxes and change the overall setup. Easy, stylish and practical!

Modular Office Workstations by Izzy Clara Office

Izzy is based in Michigan, USA, where it combines cool, affordable furniture and seating design with advanced engineering and lean manufacturing capabilities. There design goals are to produce people-centered furniture, and have achieved that with the Clara Office. It’s a well structured modular office set best suited for modern offices and businesses. The Clara is an innovative piece of stylish furniture that is reflective of the latest trends in furniture.

OTTO Ergonomic Office Chair by Lucci and Orlandini

Otto by Lucci and Orlandini is a collection of office seating with the possibility of eight different settings, all with simple and intuitive movements, ensuring a high level of comfort. Made to high structural and performance standards, this system guarantees personalized seats with sturdiness and comfort.