With today’s busy lifestyles, having a cozy, comfortable space to unwind and relax is essential. Nothing says home like curling up on the couch with a good book in front of a warm fire. So what makes a living room cozy?

Warm lighting is probably the easiest way to cozy up a room. Incandescent lights are great for this as they naturally give off a warm relaxing glow due to how they are made. Lampshades with warm colored interiors are great for magnifying this effect. Stay away from most florescent lights and LED’s as these bulbs usually cast light mostly in the blue spectrum, which gives off a more clinical feel, the opposite of cozy. A fireplace is another great way to add warmth to your living room using light. The deep orange and yellow glow from a fire can instantly make you feel relaxed.

Another great way to make a room cozy is to include furniture using lush soft fabrics or even just adding soft pillows or a blanket can do the trick. Combine this with rich warm colors and you get that instant cozy feel. If you prefer something more subtle, even warm neutral or earthy colors will do the trick.

black leather couch by the fireplace

The soft pillows and blanket with warm colors instantly transforms this black leather couch and room into something more comfortable. Sometimes all it takes is just a small dab of color in an otherwise neutral color room to add warmth.

warm brown and tan living room fireplace

These neutral earthy browns combined with bright natural light and surrounding vegetation gives an instant calming effect when entering the room.

blue velvet sectional couch

Even though this room uses mostly cool colors, the bright natural light and soft fabric of the couch and rug really make this room seem comfortable and inviting. Again just a few dabs of warm colors really take this room to the next level.

tan sectional couch stone fireplace

A stone fireplace with a nice wood fire is a cornerstone of cozy living rooms. Complimented with by earthy colors and a soft couch, this room will help anyone unwind and relax.

tan sectional couch blue accents

Not all cozy living rooms need to be full of color. This white and black monochrome color theme works great for this living room. The natural hardwood floor, bright light and minimal color accents do all the heavy lifting.

warm classy living room
bright warm interior desert colors

Natural colors such as warm yellows and oranges combined with green plants in a bright room just screams cozy! The soft fabrics of the loveseat and chairs further adds to the effect.

nuetral color den earth tones
clean stylish white living room gray-blue accent
sandy color theme living room hardwood wall panels
bright artsy living room

Another neutral color living room, instantly transformed into something much more cozy by adding just a touch of warm colors and soft fabrics to accent the room.

classic warm white gray living room
small warm living room with fireplace
warm classic living room tile ceiling
living room stone wall gas fireplace

It’s a fact that nature and greenery calms the mind and soothes the soul. All the colors in this room are very earthy and natural giving it a very comfortable atmosphere. Combined with the large windows overlooking¬† the luscious greenery outside, makes this room extremely cozy and inviting.

desert motif living room
classic white living room monochrome accents
artsy New York apartment brick walls