Pendi Q2 System Modular Kitchen

Pendi, a prestigious company from Italy, is renowned as one of the best innovators of luxury kitchens incorporating function with style. The company considers aesthetics and functionality of equal importance and approaches both with the same level of innovation.

Binova Continua CH Modern Lacquer Kitchen

Binova’s Continua Channel, the symbolic definition of continuity, is a horizontal and vertical way of organizing storage space, creating a landscape free of distractions. The channel being the central element of this kitchen is dressed in the same finish as the doors, becoming one and the same.

OTTO Ergonomic Office Chair by Lucci and Orlandini

Otto by Lucci and Orlandini is a collection of office seating with the possibility of eight different settings, all with simple and intuitive movements, ensuring a high level of comfort. Made to high structural and performance standards, this system guarantees personalized seats with sturdiness and comfort.

Gamma Kelly Contemporary Leather Sofa

There are those who live in the past and those who look to the future. The Gamma International Kelly modern leather sofa, made in Italy, is a brilliant seating solution that is anything but ordinary. The Kelly frame is made of solid pine wood with wenge or chrome legs. The leather is processed by the best Italian tanneries in order to retain its natural patterns.