Linfa Design Contemporary Coffee Tables

Linfa Design is an Italian furniture manufacturer specializing in modern and contemporary home furniture. The company tag line “A new experience designed to awaken your soul’s innermost passion” gives you an idea of what they are about. Their furniture is simple, functional and sophisticated as you can see with their new line of stylish coffee table designs.

Opulent Items Modern Leather Sectional Sofa

This beautiful modern sectional sofa from Opulent Items will make you the envy of your friends a family. A perfect seating area for your guests and small gatherings. Seven people can comfortably fit within the sectional with extra side space for whatever you are your guests may need close by. Made from the finest Italian leathers and hardwood this sectional couch exudes quality and comfort. The bottom legs and the side table are both composed of espresso colored hardwood.

Process Cheeky Boxes Modular Shelving Unit

Cheeky Boxes are stylish and fun contemporary wooden modular shelving units by Lucie Koldová of Process. They can be stacked any way you like to create your very own unique patterns and set up. The individual boxes can be arranged in almost any shape you wish and are suitable for almost any room you choose. If you get tired of a particular setup or have different storage needs all you have to do is move around those Cheeky Boxes and change the overall setup. Easy, stylish and practical!

Modular Office Workstations by Izzy Clara Office

Izzy is based in Michigan, USA, where it combines cool, affordable furniture and seating design with advanced engineering and lean manufacturing capabilities. There design goals are to produce people-centered furniture, and have achieved that with the Clara Office. It’s a well structured modular office set best suited for modern offices and businesses. The Clara is an innovative piece of stylish furniture that is reflective of the latest trends in furniture.

Flow Modern Walnut Platform Bed

The Flow Modern Platform Bed is simple yet unique in its appearance and features a low profile, solid hardwood frame with optional matching nightstands, finished in a rich natural walnut and chocolate on oak. The curves of this contemporary platform bed and its clean flowing lines are sure to add a touch of class to your modern decor.