Vases Isla Outdoor Furniture by Vondom

Vases Isla by Vondom, is a combination of flowerpots, furniture and lighting designed for gardens and outdoor areas created by the Valencian designer JM Ferrero. The pieces are inspired by the shape of diamonds creating a clean design with great style and visual impact.

Modern Zip Bed by Florida

Florida Furniture has designed a modern and functional piece of furniture called the Zip Bed. Not only does it look great but is perfect for people who hate making their bed! The bed’s soft, gently rounded frame is padded and upholstered, finished with a zipper running along its edge.

The Mamy Blue Leather Bed

The Mamy Blue bed by Poktrona Frau, is a beautiful bed with its soft and rounded design. The structure of the headboard is in solid beech and poplar with a birch core and molded polyurethane foam down the sides.