Designing the interior of your home can be rewarding and gives you the opportunity to give your home a unique character of its own. Whether you are doing a custom home design for a new house or doing an interior redesign of your existing home, it’s important to have a theme in mind before you start putting your plan into action.

Once you have decided on a new home design, stick to it! Planning ensures uniformity in the design of your home and gives you a chance to see the big picture. You don’t want to end up regretting any last minute choices. It’s important to remain consistent throughout the home and after you choose your color scheme, remain true to it.

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Choosing the right colors can have a huge effect on the overall look of a room. The use of strong shades on walls and accent furnishings creates a mood and can set the atmosphere of the room. For the more conservative, looking for something a less flashy, play down colors and let the architecture speak for itself. The use of light palettes allows for other details to stand out like newly polished hardwood floors or a tile back splash in the kitchen.

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A great idea to create warmth in a room is by wallpapering or painting one of the main walls in a bright color like red, yellow or orange. These friendly warm colors can make a space seem relaxing and comfortable. Their intensity can be calmed with neutral shades for your upholstery, lamps and rugs. Use colors, textures, and select accessories to create the mood and compliment décor. Try picking a matching color from a piece of artwork on your wall and use it as an accent color for other objects in the room.

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An often looked over area is the floor. We hang paintings and prints on our walls and colorful textured drapes on our windows, so why not use the floor to make a decorating statement? A great way to do this is with bright, bold area rugs. They are a great way to add variety and tie all the other elements of the room together.

natural wood theme condolivng room high celings

Home redesign can seem daunting, but just remember to concentrate on one area at a time. Have a clear cut idea of the type décor and design you want for the house. Consider things such as color scheme, decorating theme, and the type mood you wish to create. When decorating, don’t over do it. Keep in mind the main function of the room, and keep it simple.

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