Modern Bathroom Sink by Botinger & Roi

The Loft sink by Botinger & Roi, is a modern freestanding sink with a strange and unique organic shape. It’s part of the SQ series designed by Baldwin Rust. With the use of new forms and materials, Baldwin has created a remarkably special and rememberable washbasin.

Aluminum Shower Cabin by Kos

The next level in luxury bathroom design. This aluminum and glass shower cabin by Kos embodies contemporary style with its sleek and practical finish and simple, bold structure. There’s more to this multifunction shower than meets the eye.

Teuco Hydrosonic Whirlpools

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long hard day at work and sinking yourself into a nice hot bath… unless that bath is a whirlpool! These beautiful modern designed whirlpool bathtubs by Teuco are not only a thing of beauty but also very functional. Each whirlpool is equipped with patented ultrasound jets called Hydrosonic.